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Yamaha RX-V6A + 606 S2 Anniversary Edition + HTM6 S2 Anniversary Edition + 2 x STAV24 S2 + 2 x MusicCast 20

Yamaha RX-V6A + 606 S2 Anniversary Edition + HTM6 S2 Anniversary Edition + 2 x STAV24 S2 + 2 x MusicCast 20

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RX-V6A + 606 S2 Anniversary Edition + HTM6 S2 Anniversary Edition + 2 x STAV24 S2 + 2 x MusicCast 20

Yamaha MusicCast RX-V6A

The Yamaha MusicCast RX-V6A 7-channel home theater receiver is the real center of your home entertainment - several HDMI ports supporting 8K, playback of the latest HDR10+ image standard, special functions dedicated to gaming and the Dolby Atmos sound program with height virtualization function are just some of the most important features of this versatile devices. Additionally, the RX-V6A is equipped with a completely new amplifier design and, of course, the proprietary MusicCast multi-room system.

  • HDMI 8K connectors thanks to which you can connect not one, but several 8K devices, e.g. consoles
  • HDR10+ and eARC support
  • Special functions dedicated to gaming (ALLM, VRR, QMS, QFT)
  • Dolby Atmos support and Dolby Atmos sound program with height virtualization function - even if you are not using 7 speakers
  • Completely new style of the receiver
  • Completely new amplifier design
  • Proprietary MusicCast multiroom system and network functions (including AirPlay2)
  • Possibility to connect wireless rear speakers (MusicCast Surround)
  • Operation via remote control, MusicCast application or voice assistants
  • Phono input for connecting a turntable and other connectors

HDMI connectors supporting 8K

The Yamaha MusicCast RX-V6A is equipped with a wide range of HDMI connections (7 in/1 out), with three inputs and an output supporting 8K/60 Hz* resolution. Thanks to this, the RX-V6A will become a home entertainment center for years, to which it will be possible to connect several sources supporting 8K resolution at the same time, e.g. consoles. HDMI connectors are, of course, backwards compatible and support resolutions of 4K (4K/120 Hz) and lower. To activate 8K support, you will need to update the receiver's software. 8K resolution playback also requires a compatible TV.

Support for eARC and modern image standards, including HDR10+

The biggest advantage of the HDR10+ standard is the support for dynamic metadata (as opposed to static in some other standards), which provides information about the characteristics desired by the filmmakers not only of the entire film, but of each individual scene, e.g. in terms of the contrast between light and dark fragments. HDR10+ support will be available via RX-V6A software update. In turn, eARC allows you to enjoy the best sound of movies watched on streaming services.

Special features for gamers

Yamaha designers also took care of gamers and equipped the RX-V6A with the latest technologies, including: in new consoles. These are ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) and VRR (Variable Refresh Rate). The first solution will allow the console to send information to the receiver and TV that will automatically set the desired mode dedicated to games, characterized by no delays and improved display. When switching the source, e.g. back to movies, this function will be automatically deactivated. VRR, in turn, is a mechanism used in games that eliminates tearing of image frames and minimizes delays, as well as adjusting the refresh rate to maintain smooth image. Combined with QMS (Quick Media Switching), which reduces signal delay during switching and eliminates a momentary black screen, and QFT (Quick Frame Transport), which reduces the delay when transmitting image frames, the RX-V6A becomes the ideal machine for ensuring high-quality audio in games while maintaining all image-related functionalities important for every player. Features dedicated to games will be available via software update. To use them, you also need a compatible TV.

Dolby Atmos support and Dolby Atmos sound program with height virtualization function - even if you are not using 7 speakers

Yamaha MusicCast RX-V6A is a 7.2-channel AV receiver that will support any Dolby Atmos home theater system with 7 speakers. However, Yamaha also meets the expectations of those who would like to use the possibilities reserved for Dolby Atmos, but do not have ceiling or upward-firing speakers in their system. Dolby Atmos with height virtualization technology simulates the Atmos experience using front-firing speakers. So the user can configure five speakers to recreate the effect of an additional two overhead speakers, or use all seven channels to simulate the powerful effect of four overhead speakers.

Completely new style of the receiver

Already at the first contact with the RX-V6A AV receiver, your attention is drawn to its completely changed design. Gently rounded sides, as well as a display elegantly integrated into the front wall and a small number of switches and knobs give the device a noble character, providing the user with quick and easy access to many of the receiver's functions.

Yamaha RX-V6A

Completely new amplifier design

The new Yamaha receivers, including the RX-V6A, also feature a completely new amplifier design characterized by, among others, high rate of output voltage rise, thanks to which the receiver will sound powerful and dynamic both in movies and music - also thanks to the power of 100W (at 8 ohms) and 150W (at 4 ohms). The new amplifier also provides more precise signal transmission for high-resolution sound.

Proprietary MusicCast multiroom system and network functions (including AirPlay2)

We also cannot forget about the proprietary MusicCast system, which allows you to wirelessly transmit music from the RX-V6A to devices in other rooms in the house (and vice-versa). The receiver is also equipped with numerous network functions: built-in streaming services (including Spotify and Tidal), internet radio, AirPlay2 support and two-way Bluetooth, dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4 / 5 GHz).

Yamaha MusicCast

Possibility to connect wireless rear speakers (MusicCast Surround)

The Yamaha RX-V6A is also compatible with MusicCast Surround technology, thanks to which you can also wirelessly connect MusicCast 20 or MusicCast 50 speakers to the receiver as rear effect speakers in a home theater. Thanks to this solution, we do not have to run cables from the receiver to the rear speakers, maintaining the advantages of a full home theater system.

Yamaha MusicCast Surround

Phono input for connecting a turntable and other connectors

You can also connect a turntable to the RX-V6A, even if it does not have a built-in preamplifier. In addition, the receiver offers a USB port (on the front), a network port, coaxial and optical digital inputs and four pairs of analog inputs.

Bowers & Wilkins 606 S2 Anniversary Edition

The Bowers & Wilkins 606 S2 Anniversary Edition stand-mount loudspeakers can easily fill your home space with fantastic sound. Thus, you can enjoy exactly the sound that its creator would like - regardless of whether the user places the speakers on a specially prepared stand or on a shelf.

This larger of the two stand-mount models from the 600 Anniversary Edition series owes its incredible capabilities to, among others, Continuum diaphragm driver, providing a clean and accurate acoustic environment. Even better acoustic capabilities compared to the 600 series are also the result of changes introduced in the crossover. New and significantly improved bypass capacitors are used throughout the Anniversary series: these components were developed by Mundorf and can also be found in the 700 Signature series. Additionally, high and medium frequency capacitors boast a new, improved design. The result is improved resolution and clarity across all 600 Anniversary Edition models.


The seventh generation of the 600 series uses the Continuum diaphragm known from the speakers used in the Abbey Road recording studio. It took Bowers & Wilkins engineers eight years to develop and was originally fitted to the top-of-the-range 800 Series models, and now makes its way to the 606 Anniversary Edition, providing a clean and precise acoustic environment. The design of the Continuum membrane is based on the concept of optimized and controlled stiffness. This allows you to avoid a sudden transition from reciprocating operation to break-up. This material is a huge improvement over previously used Kevlar® membranes.

The new diaphragms are stiffer and, thanks to the dense weave of fibers, they better dampen internal resonances, which further increases the transparency and precision of the sound and ensures the reception of a rich palette of sounds, guaranteeing a wonderful musical experience. The midrange reproduced by the 600 Anniversary Edition series loudspeakers is natural and clear.

The Continuum diaphragm transducer is standard equipment in every model of the new 600 Anniversary Edition series and allows for incredible depth and realism of sound experiences.

606 S2 Anniversary Edition


The renowned Decoupled Double Dome tweeter provides extremely precise and clean high-frequency sound. The tweeter design has been thoroughly analyzed to further enhance the musical quality.

As a result of the analysis, Bowers & Wilkins engineers decided to use an improved neodymium magnet and a new mesh covering the dome, which had previously been used in models of the higher series. A subtle but effective change in the position of the dome in relation to the diaphragm mounting plate has also been made to improve time alignment. It all adds up to a design that guarantees the best sound quality and sets new standards in the performance of audio equipment.

To faithfully reproduce the bandwidth entrusted to them, the tweeter diaphragms should be light and stiff. Bowers & Wilkins Decoupled Double Dome tweeters use a thin and light aluminum dome reinforced at the base with a thicker ring to prevent audible distortion.

The 600 Anniversary Edition series tweeters are additionally isolated from the housing to reduce unfavorable vibrations affecting the quality of the reproduced sound. For this purpose, a special synthetic gel was used, which prevents the transmission of vibrations from the housing to the tweeter. Thanks to these measures, Bowers & Wilkins engineers managed to obtain an even more spacious, precise and natural sound.

603 S2 Anniversary Edition


Traditionally for loudspeaker sets produced by the Bowers & Wilkins design office, the 606 Anniversary Edition model impresses not only with its excellent sound, but also with perfect workmanship and tasteful design and details. The grille is attached with magnets, and the bass-reflex tunnel outlet is located on the back wall. The matte finish emphasizes the modern character and top class of this loudspeaker set.

603 S2 Anniversary Edition

In terms of design, the 606 Anniversary Edition is a 2-way loudspeaker. The 345 mm high housing houses two drivers: a 25 mm tweeter with an aluminum dome and a 165 mm Continuum bass-midrange driver.

Bowers & Wilkins HTM6 S2 Anniversary Edition

The HTM6 S2 Anniversary Edition is a narrow, dedicated center channel speaker with significant power and exceptional sound precision. Created for demanding movie lovers, like the rest of the new Anniversary Edition series, it is the embodiment of the company's pursuit of the ideal among speakers and fills the house with crystal clear sound.

The fantastic sound capabilities of the HTM6 S2 Anniversary Edition include sophisticated voice technology, which, combined with an improved crossover, ensures even higher sound quality than the 600 series. Changes introduced in the crossover are also even better compared to its predecessor. New and significantly improved bypass capacitors are used throughout the Anniversary series: these components were developed by Mundorf and can also be found in the 700 Signature series. Additionally, high and medium frequency capacitors boast a new, improved design. This improves the resolution and clarity of all models from the 600 Anniversary Edition series.

Bowers & Wilkins STAV24 S2 speaker stands

Bowers & Wilkins has prepared special, elegant stands for its stand models 685 S2 and 686 S2 - STAV24 S2. With their help, you can raise the loudspeakers to a height of 60 cm, thus ensuring an ideal listening position. Taking care of the user's comfort, the designers add spikes and rubber feet to the stands. Thanks to this, STAV24 S2 can be placed both on carpet and wooden floors, while protecting their surface.

Yamaha MusicCast 20

Yamaha MusicCast 20 – a versatile, fully networked wireless speaker with the MusicCast multiroom system

The Yamaha MusicCast 20 is one of the most versatile wireless speakers on the market. The multitude of functions used in this device means that MusicCast 20 can wake you up in the morning in the bedroom with the sound of your favorite radio station, accompany you during the day as a mini stereo set in your home office, and in the evening, wirelessly connected to an receiver or soundbar, play surround effects in your home cinema. .

The Yamaha MusicCast 20 speaker, as the name suggests, is part of the MusicCast multi-room system, so you can wirelessly transmit sound between devices, even if they are in different rooms in the house. You can easily send audio from, for example, a TV connected in the living room to a Yamaha soundbar to the MusicCast 20 speaker in the bedroom.

Yamaha MusicCast

You can wirelessly pair two MusicCast 20 speakers to create a fully networked stereo system, with one speaker playing the left channel and the other playing the right channel. This set will be a great replacement for a mini stereo in your bedroom or will serve as a perfect companion for your laptop. If you want to enhance the low frequencies in such a set, you can also wirelessly connect the MusicCast SUB 100 subwoofer.

Yamaha MusicCast Stereo

Do you want to relax in the evening by watching a movie in your home cinema? Instead of running speaker cables to the other end of the living room, use two MusicCast 20 speakers as rear surround speakers and enjoy true surround effects - wirelessly connecting the speakers to your receiver or soundbar!

Yamaha MusicCast Surround

The most important features:

  • MusicCast multiroom system,
  • possibility of using as effect speakers in combination with an AV receiver or soundbar - MusicCast Surround,
  • possibility of wireless pairing of two speakers into a stereo set - MusicCast Stereo
  • pre-programmed buttons (preset) for easy instant playback,
  • built-in music streaming services (Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Qobuz)
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, Airplay – wireless music from your smartphone and tablet,
  • Bluetooth Output® (future firmware update)
  • High-res audio support FLAC / WAV / AIFF: up to 192 kHz / 24 bit,
  • alarm


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