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Soundcraft Ui24

Soundcraft Ui24

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The Soundcraft Ui24R is a complete rack-mountable digital mixer and multi-track recording system. It provides flexible I/O, pristine sound quality, intuitive wireless control and reliability, all in a streamlined design. The system can act as a stagebox and can be controlled by up to 10 devices via Ethernet. Or built-in dual-band Wi-Fi, allowing you to control your mix and multi-track recording wirelessly from anywhere in your facility. With renowned HARMAN signal processing technology, Studer-designed preamps and much more - from the studio to the stage - the Soundcraft Ui24R is the perfect system for artists, venues and engineers who need to save space and deliver great sound quality.

HARMAN sound quality and reliability

The Ui24R combines industry-leading HARMAN technologies to deliver unprecedented power and mission-critical stability. Renowned Studer preamps deliver rich sound for live playback and multi-track recording. Iconic reverbs, choruses, Lexicon delays and dbx compression offer refined solutions for vocals, acoustic guitar and more. dbx AFS2 Automatic Acoustic Feedback Suppression is available on all monitor outputs for a great live experience. In addition, DigiTech guitar amp modeling brings plenty of effects to every performance, especially when low stage volume is required.

More connection options

If you need a mixer with comprehensive connectivity and a compact chassis, the Ui24R is the perfect streamlined solution. The Soundcraft Ui24R allows you to mix multiple sources, including 10 1/4″-TRS/XLR combo inputs, 10 XLR inputs, 2 line inputs, and 2 channels of USB digital playback for a total of 24 channels. With flexible and high-quality I/O, Ui24R gives venues, bands and engineers room to grow, with expanded creative options.

More ways to control

Control the Soundcraft Ui24R from your device of choice (tablet, phone, PC, Mac) via iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS and Linux, without installing the app. Built-in dual-band WiFi ensures that you (and up to 9 team members) can always stay in control without having to rely on a standalone router or facility WiFi. Musicians can customize their individual mix on stage while an FOH engineer optimizes the audience experience.

Multi-track recording and playback

The Soundcraft Ui24R is more than just a complete mixing system. It's also a great recording tool. Enjoy peace of mind with bi-directional multi-track recording of all 22 inputs and a stereo mix directly to a USB drive and connected computer. The multi-channel USB audio interface also makes it easy to integrate the Ui24R into your recording studio for production work with your favorite DAW.

More freedom

Traditional mixers offer many features but can only be controlled from a mixing console. The Ui24R surfaceless mixer combines the power and versatility of a large format console with a compact design and complete Wi-Fi control. With Ui24R, you can finally use the features you need and have the freedom to control your mixer from anywhere.

Compatible with HARMAN Connected PA

The Ui24R mixer is the heart of the HARMAN Connected PA system. The connected PA provides seamless plug-and-play with a variety of HARMAN devices and allows you to control your entire sound system with a single app. Connected PA products identify and retain presets for hassle-free setup, and wizards help you quickly optimize volume, configuration settings, and sound quality. Compatible products include JBL PRX800 speakers, dbx Di1 sound boxes, AKG P5i microphones and the MDAi dynamic microphone adapter.

Features of Soundcraft Ui24R

  • Known quality and performance
  • Built-in dual-band Wi-Fi eliminates the need for a router to provide a reliable connection to 10 mobile devices in an emergency
  • Control Ui24R from iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS and Linux browsers without installing any additional apps
  • Record and mix with 20 professional-quality Studer-designed preamps
  • dbx compression plus iconic Lexicon reverb and delay
  • 2 channels of DigiTech guitar amp modeling
  • Bi-directional redundant multi-track recording of all 24 inputs to USB drive and connected Mac/PC
  • 24 simultaneous inputs (10 combo ¼” TRS/XLR, 10 XLR, 2 line, 2 digital)
  • 4-band parametric EQ, high-cut filter, compressor, deesser and gate on input channels
  • 31-band graphic EQ, gate, compressor and dbx AFS2 Automatic Feedback Suppression on all outputs
  • Real-time frequency analyzer (RTA) on inputs and outputs
  • Compatible with Mac/PC DAWs and other music software
  • Compatible with the Harman Connected PA app and system for easy setup and control
  • Design for mounting in a 4U rack

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