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QSC K10.2

QSC K10.2

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The QSC K8Qsc K 10.2 is the best-in-class active two-way loudspeaker designed for demanding professionals. The K10.2 delivers 124dB continuous SPL and a Class D amplifier with 2000W peak power

QSC K10.2

10-inch active two-way speaker

The K.2 series from QSC are best-in-class loudspeakers for today's demanding professional. Elegant design, top-class sound, universal functionality, simple operation and durability for which QSC products are famous, make the QSC K10.2 loudspeaker deliver excellent results to users of both mobile and fixed sound reinforcement systems.

Highlights of QSC K10.2

  • Best-in-class sound
  • 2000W class D amplifier module
  • The built-in DSP module offers access to Intrinsic Correction™ sonic characteristics
  • DMT™ (Directivity-Matched Transition) technology ensures uniform sound coverage throughout the listening area
  • polished, professional look
  • solid ABS housing ensures a long product life
  • can be used in both "front" and "monitor" settings
  • Factory sound presets and the ability to save your own presets for frequently used applications
  • multifunctional digital display for setting speaker functions (including crossover, equalization, delay, contour, etc.)
  • double tripod socket (standard and 7.5 degrees tilt)
  • built-in M10 sockets for suspended applications
  • optional security panel
  • full EASE and CAD documentation available online
  • 6-year warranty (requires product registration)

Factory presets and recallable scenes for common applications such as:

The QSC K.2 Series™ can function as a main PA or as a floor monitor. Each model can be mounted on a wall, truss or speaker pole in both straight and 7.5 degree downward tilt modes. This flexibility makes it the smart choice for a wide range of live sound applications

Advanced amplifier and processor

QSC K10.2 has an amplifier that provides constant and stable power of 2000 W, which is transmitted to the highest quality transducers. The very quiet cooling system allows the columns to be used where it is necessary to maintain a minimum noise level. Precisely selected and tuned dynamics programs ensure the safety of the transducers and effectively reduce distortion


Built-in DSP allows you to quickly change settings. The user can take advantage of an extensive list of factory presets that set the equalization for a given application, e.g. Live, Dance, Monitor and many more


The pair of balanced combo inputs (XLR-F + 6.3mm) have their own level settings. The former features a mic/line level switch, while the latter can be selected for line or high impedance levels, which is useful for connecting instruments directly. Both inputs are directly connected to THRU (XLR-M) sockets for multi-device connection. In addition, the QSC K10.2 column is equipped with a 3.5 mm Jack input for connecting an audio source such as a smartphone, computer or player.


In addition to the two THRU jacks, there is also a line level output for each input. To protect the column from unauthorized changes to the settings, a K-LOC security panel is available.


User programs, called Scenes, allow you to save settings such as equalization, delay or input configuration.


The use of the DMT (Directivity-Matched Transition) solution ensures uniform sound coverage throughout the listening area. The built-in DSP module offers access to Intrinsic Correction™ sonic characteristics as well as advanced system management settings to further optimize system performance.

Flexible design

The QSC K10.2 column has an ABS housing with a professional and unobtrusive appearance, so it will work in any application. It can be used both as a front sound system and as a listening monitor. Each speaker can also be suspended, wall- or truss-mounted, pole- or speaker-stand-mounted, both vertically and tilted forward by 7.5 degrees thanks to the new dual pole socket.

QSC K10.2 with a 6-year warranty

The design of the QSC K10.2 is known for its robustness. This is confirmed by a 6-year worldwide warranty (product registration required).

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