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Liquid for fog generators Eurolite D-5 5l

Liquid for fog generators Eurolite D-5 5l

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Liquid for smoke (fog) - for devices with a compressor. Do not use for machines with heater (warmup-time)
Fluid for use in highly efficient HAZER type fog generators (generators without heating elements), e.g. for the ANTARI HZ series.
The diffused fog created from the EUROLITE D5 liquid is practically invisible to the eye, however, the light penetrating the fog is dispersed in it as in the classic smoke effect.

Fog is also much stronger than smoke.
EUROLITE D5 fog liquid should be used only for fog generators without a heating element, i.e. for ANTARI HZ series fog generators.

For ANTARI X-series fog machines; F-series and Z-series use regular smoke fluid

Fluid features:

  • made on the basis of oil, without any color additives
  • odorless
  • non-toxic
  • harmless to health
  • reusable container
  • biodegradable according to OECD 301E/EEC 84/449 C3
  • incombustible
  • constant quality control, compliant with REACH
  • proven "Made in Germany" quality
  • available in 5 l packages
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