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OMNITRONIC Set FAS TWO + Dyn. wireless microphone + BP + Headset

OMNITRONIC Set FAS TWO + Dyn. wireless microphone + BP + Headset

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Omnitronic FAS-Serie Titelbild
Compact wireless microphones

The FAS series from OMNITRONIC presents a versatile and extremely compact
wireless microphone system designed for flexibility and
reliability. In addition to the FAS TWO 2-channel wireless receiver, series
includes a wide range of accessories for various applications. The entire system works in
frequency range 660-690 MHz

Reliable signal transmission 

The heart of this series is the 2-channel FAS TWO radio receiver, which impresses with its reliable signal transmission, compact dimensions and easy operation. The 660-690 MHz frequency range ensures a stable connection during stage performances, presentations and similar applications. The FAS Series offers a variety of microphone options, including discreet lavalier microphones, as well as standard headsets and sports headphones that are particularly suitable for active applications.

UHF-E Zubehör

Suitable accessories
 Specialized microphones are available for musicians, including models for guitars
acoustic, wind instruments and electric guitars. Bodypack transmitter included
allows for wireless freedom of movement while performing. FAS microphone system
OMNITRONIC operates in the frequency range that does not require a license, which
means it can be used in many European countries without special need
registration. The series is characterized by a balanced price-performance ratio
offers high-quality technology at an affordable price.

 FAS TWO is a reliable, miniature 2-channel wireless microphone system
characterized by great ease of use during live performances, weddings, karaoke
, street performances or band rehearsals. The devices are ready for use on site,
without the need for lengthy configuration and are equipped with lithium-ion batteries
, which provide a working time of up to 5 hours.
Dynamic handheld microphone for the FAS-TWO receiver 

Digital transmission ensures high resistance to interference and exceptional sound quality

Quick pairing at the touch of a button . 2 banks available
frequencies, each with 20 adjustable frequencies.
Durable, ergonomic
aluminum housing
Polar pattern: cardioid Operating range up to 30 m in line
UHF 660 - 690 MHz

Package Contents 
1 x transmitter, 1 x user manual, 1 x declaration of conformity

Miniature bodypack transmitter for the FAS-TWO receiver
Digital transmission ensures high immunity to interference and exceptional sound quality Very low latency Quick pairing at the touch of a button The receiver automatically adopts the frequency setting 2 frequency banks available, each with 20 adjustable frequencies Small, lightweight version Battery life up to 5 hours Operating range up to 30 mW line of sight Wide range of microphones available for many applications Wireless, flexible and versatile UHF 660 - 690 MHz License-free and approved across much of Europe
Package Contents
1 x transmitter, 1 x user manual, 1 x declaration of conformity


The condenser microphones are specially matched to the FAS series bodypack transmitters. A wide selection of models enables universal use of the FAS wireless system. Thanks to the integrated condenser capsule, the microphones ensure clear speech intelligibility and high sound quality.

Additional headworn microphone for FAS bodypack Polar pattern: omnidirectional For application areas such as: Clubs/dance school; sports centers/gyms

Package Contents

 1 x Microphone, 1 x User Manual

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