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Next Proaudio

Next Proaudio MH815

Next Proaudio MH815

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Next Proaudio - Công ty cổ phần âm thanh ánh sáng châu Âu

About NEXT-proaudio

NEXT-Proaudio is a Portuguese company that has been offering a wide range of active and passive sound systems for thirty years. In addition, they also offer concert line-aligned systems and a whole range of installation loudspeakers.

European Production

One of the advantages of NEXT Pro Audio is 100% European production. The company uses renowned Italian B&C speakers and Powersoft amplifiers . From the beginning, the Portuguese focused on the quality of the products offered.

Advanced computer support, loudspeaker design tools, electroacoustic measurement systems and specially designed acoustic rooms support a highly qualified team of engineers who aim to design the highest quality equipment

  • The kit consists of:
  • 2x HFA115S - active bass
  • 2x Matrix M8 -passive treble
  • 2x Adjustable spacer tube (0.82 - 1.4 m)
  • 2x Matrix SP8 - loudspeaker mounting bracket
  • 2x Speaker cable 2 x 2.5 mm² NL4 2.2

The power of the MH815 Kit

  • 1100 watts per bass
  • 550w/4 ohms per full range speaker.

The whole is assigned to a digital 24-bit DSP processor that manages the entire system. Here I would like to stop for a moment and point out that NEXT-Proaudio is one of the few companies that allows you to fully edit the DSP processor. Using the free "SOUNDWARE" software and a USB/RJ cable, we can connect to the loudspeaker and shape all the parameters of the processor - from corrections or filters, through crossover division, phase shifts, etc.

The processor has 6 factory presets and 2 free USER slots for real-time use. The entire database of settings can be on your tablet or laptop. The most important thing, however, is that you as users get high-quality components, while you can be 100% responsible for the sound.

Extremely effective Matrix M8 mountain

The Matrix M8 loudspeaker has been developed to provide superior audio intelligibility at high SPL and a wider frequency response, while ensuring a consistent beamwidth in the user's chosen vertical coverage. This precise beam control extends to 10kHz, far exceeding the benchmark 4kHz of traditional single-driver speakers. To better control the lower frequencies, Tuned Dipolar technology was developed to provide more consistent control of the low frequency response than other systems of similar size. A user-selectable Music/Vocal mode switch is built-in to allow quick and easy system optimization. Music mode provides a flat, balanced frequency response, while Vocal mode adds a mid-frequency range for improved speech intelligibility. The M8 loudspeaker array is able to concentrate acoustic energy where it is needed, i.e. in the listening area, which leads to a significant improvement in speech intelligibility and music clarity even in critical acoustic environments. For even more versatility, the vertical dispersion pattern can be switched to wide or narrow coverage.

Passive speakers - NEXT- Proaudio Matrix M3 - NEXT - Proaudio

Simple and discreet installation T

This bracket is designed to give a certain degree of freedom to the speakers, allowing pan and tilt movements. The bracket can be attached to both the top of the speaker and the bottom, giving the user more flexibility in choosing the angle of inclination. When connected to the top of the M8, the range of inclination is from 0º to 10º


Application examples

Since the vertical range is very limited to avoid unwanted reflections, positioning the speakers is a very important step when installing new units. Along with optimal speaker positioning, the selected coverage and equalizer are very important for good uniformity and sound quality.


When the audience is fully seated or fully standing, narrow mode can cover the venue with the best control and maximum distance range. The acoustic center of the speaker must be aligned with the listener's ears



When the audience is sitting and standing, wide angle mode can be a great solution as it can disperse the energy by reaching the entire audience. The acoustic center of the speaker must be aligned with the average ear height of the listener. Widescreen mode can also be used with tilted viewers.



In larger venues where the audience extends over long distances, two M8 units would be the best combination. In this case, the user must connect them using an extension plate (available as an accessory). Both units must be set to narrow coverage mode to minimize interference between both speakers


Tuned dipolar technology

Small, conventional loudspeakers do not provide significant vertical directionality control at lower frequencies due to their physical size. To better control the lower frequencies, Tuned Dipolar technology was developed to provide more consistent control of the low frequency response than other systems of similar size.


Choose your color 

To suit your architectural needs, the M8 is also available in white.


Advanced technology 
The MATRIX M8's passive loudspeaker array consists of closely spaced, state-of-the-art 8x3" neodymium drivers housed in a stylish yet solid aluminum and wood enclosure for perfect architectural integration

M8 technical data:

  • Passive line array loudspeaker with variable beam in a straight line
  • Solid aluminum and wooden housing
  • Power:240W/rms/480W-peak
  • Frequency response:135Hz-20kHz(-10dB)
  • Crossover Crossover;2.5 kHz FIR X-over with 48 dB/oct.
  • sound control; vocals/music
  • Speaker size : 8 x 3" custom neodymium speaker
  • Resistance; 8Ω
  • Max Efficiency: 129dB
  • horizontal coverage; 90º (+/- 20º 1.5-5kHz)
  • Vertical Coverage25º (+/- 10º 1.2-16kHz) / (+10º / -5º 1.5-16kHz)
  • Colour: black or white
  • Connection; Speakon NL4,
  • Dimensions: 108x677x152mm
  • Weight:6.2kg
  • Warranty:5 years
  • The column is designed and made in Portugal

HFA 115S HP technical data :

  • Active woofer type: Active reflex subwoofer
  • Wooden housing - 15mm Baltic birch plywood
  • Speaker type B&C - 1x 15'' with 3.5'' voice coil (VC).
  • Two-channel Class D amplifier
  • Power : 1100w/rms
  • Two sections each: 550w/rms
  • External output power 550w/rms /4ohm
  • Frequency response (-6dB) - 32Hz-x-over
  • Max SPL: 136.7dB
  • Digital crossover: 90Hz/110Hz/125Hz split
  • Built-in DSP processor
  • 6 factory programs, 2 User programs
  • Controllable by PC and "SOUNDWARE" software
  • Control of DSP parameters from the computer
  • Signal connections: 1x input, 1x output XLR, 2x RS485
  • Speakon x1 output socket
  • Tripod mounting socket: 35mm
  • Current connections: 2x PowerCon
  • Power consumption 770W
  • Dimensions: 448x556x511mm
  • Weight: 37.1kg
  • Colours: black
  • Warranty: 5 years

HFA115s | NEXT Audiogroup

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