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Next Proaudio

Next Proaudio LA122A 2 X 2

Next Proaudio LA122A 2 X 2

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Next Proaudio - Công ty cổ phần âm thanh ánh sáng châu Âu

NEXT-Proaudio is a Portuguese company that has been offering a wide range of active and passive sound systems for thirty years. In addition, they also offer concert line-aligned systems and a whole range of installation loudspeakers.

European Production

One of the advantages of NEXT Pro Audio is 100% European production. The company uses renowned Italian B&C speakers and Powersoft amplifiers . From the beginning, the Portuguese focused on the quality of the products offered.

Advanced computer support, loudspeaker design tools, electroacoustic measurement systems and specially designed acoustic rooms support a highly qualified team of engineers who aim to design the highest quality equipment



LA122A is a 2-way 12-inch Line Array system featuring advanced neodymium speakers custom-made by B&C and a high-performance DPA amplifier module capable of generating 2220W of high-resolution power for very high sound pressure in medium to large scale applications. This system is designed for use in permanent installations, and due to its size, it can be easily transported

It consists of two models, two linear elements - LA122A and LA122WA (wide version), with different coverage angles (respectively 8ºx90º and 15ºx120º). We use LAs118A subwoofers to extend the low frequencies. Highly efficient module with a power of 2220W prg. DPAmplifier, integrated with Advanced Digital Processing (DSP). With the Soundware software, it is possible to edit each of the six preloaded presets and store them in one of the two free memories. Editable parameters include: Input Equalization, Input Delay, Input High/Low Pass Filters and Bass Enhancer.



The integrated DSP and low-noise AD/DA converters provide eight selectable presets (six factory-defined and two user-defined), accessed via a selector on the front panel of the module, or edited in real time on a PC using the supplied Soundware software via USB remote control. This allows you to easily adapt the sound program to different applications and places.


With the available LA122A EASE files, you can perfectly simulate the acoustic performance of your entire sound system to find the optimal setup for each venue.


The LA122A incorporates a special 12-inch woofer using a 75mm voice coil with neodymium magnet. High-frequency reproduction is based on the unique characteristics of two 1.4-inch neodymium compression drivers designed for use in applications where high SPL and low distortion are required. Titanium diaphragm with 65mm copper clad aluminum flat wire voice coil for high sensitivity, low distortion and extended frequency response. The two HF drivers are loaded by a path length equalizing waveform converter, ICWG, which converts spherical waves to cylindrical isophase waves, seamlessly blending with the other high frequency drivers in the array.


The LAs118A.v3 active subwoofer features a custom B&C long-excursion neodymium woofer and is internally powered by the DPAmplifier module. Because it uses the same mounting technology as the LA122A and LA122WA models, it provides flexible integration, both on the ground and on top of the rig. LA122A. In addition, it can also be used in rigs consisting of LAs118A subwoofers only. The integrated DSP with low-noise A/DD/A converters provides eight selectable presets (six factory-defined and two user-defined), which can be accessed via via the easy selector located on the front panel of the module, or edit in real time via a PC using the supplied Soundware software using the USB remote control. This allows you to easily customize the audio program for different applications or different venues. Smart Auto Standby is activated when the amplifier fails to detect an input signal, saving energy and extending the expected run time. Six pre-loaded presets can be edited via the Soundware software and one of the two free memories can be stored for them. Editable parameters are input equalization, input delay, input high/low pass filters and "bass boost" function


A special trolley and lid are available for easy transport and extra protection for the LAs118A.v3 cabinets and their accessories.

Technical specification LA122A

  • Loudspeaker type: Compact Line Array active loudspeaker
  • Materials: 15mm birch plywood
  • Scratch-resistant textured protective coating
  • Speakers: Neodymium B&C-1 x 12" /3" ,2 x 1.4" 2.5" VC, B&C custom compression driver
  • Powersoft amplifier
  • Power: 1650w/rms (1100w on LF and 550w on HF)
  • DSP with low noise A/DD/A converters provides 8 selectable presets (6 factory defined and 2 user defined.
  • Full sound control with free SOUNDWARE software
  • Frequency response: 58Hz - 19,000Hz (-6dB)
  • Efficiency: 129dB/135dB
  • Horizontal coverage: (90º or 120º)
  • Vertical coverage: (8º)
  • Adjustable system (0° to 8°)
  • Crossover division: 1150Hz
  • Sockets: Signal; 2x XLR, Power 2x Powercon/PCcontrol 2x RJ45 (RS485)
  • Minimum power consumption: 770W
  • Working voltage: 180V-245VAC
  • Dimensions: 602 x 350 x 465mm
  • Weight: 36kg
  • Made in Portugal
  • 5-year warranty

Optional assortment

  • Frame for suspending the system 18 pieces LA122A -NC18124
  • Light frame for suspending the system and mounting on basses up to 4 pcs -NC19124
  • Lock/Security Pins -VP60053
  • TX12402 Custom Rain Cover for LA122A / LA122WA / LAs118A

Technical specification Las 118V3

  • Speaker type; Active Hybrid-Horn bass cabinet
  • Execution; birch plywood 15mm
  • Scratch-resistant textured protective coating
  • Loudspeakers; Neodymium B&C-1 x 18" /4" B&C custom
  • Powersoft amplifier
  • Power;2200w/rms
  • DSP with low noise A/DD/A converters provides 8 selectable presets (6 factory defined and 2 user defined.) -0-LP80HZ/1-LP 100HZ/2-LP100HZ CARDIOID/3-LP120/4LP SYSTEM/5LP SYSTEM CARDIOID 6/7 -USER
  • Full sound control with free SOUNDWARE software
  • frequency response; 38Hz - 160Hz (-6dB)
  • Effectiveness; 138.5dB
  • Sockets;Signal;2x XLR, Power 2x Powercon/PCcontrol 2x RJ45 (RS485)Sat
  • Power Consumption;770W
  • Operating voltage;180V-245VAC
  • Dimensions; 602 x 664 x 750mm
  • Weight;67.3kg
  • Made in Portugal
  • 5-year warranty

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