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Next Audiocom Maverick MV6 WAREHOUSE CLEANING

Next Audiocom Maverick MV6 WAREHOUSE CLEANING

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One could say that NEXT Proaudio hit the jackpot with the promotion of its latest product. The current situation is unique and there are many people looking for such an integrated loudspeaker that allows you to easily connect a microphone and conduct a training, conference, picket or show. However, Maverick is a unique device that offers many advantages that its competitors lack. We invite you to check out our new wonder.


  • Possibility to work on the floor
  • Possibility to work as a stage monitor
  • Possibility of operation and mounting on a loudspeaker stand
  • Possibility of working at an angle of 30 degrees


Using more speakers;

  • 1x 6.5'' woofer
  • 3x 3'' full range drivers


A specially designed EQ that automatically selects the appropriate correction to easily achieve the perfect sound.

Technical Specifications;

  • Active column powered by a battery
  • Duty cycle per charge: 12 hours
  • Loudspeakers; 1x 6.5'' LF woofer with 1.5'' back coil 3x 3'' neodymium full range drivers
  • Frequency response: 50Hz-16kHz (-6dB)
  • Class D amplifier
  • Power; 100w/program 200w Peak
  • Max SPL: 113dB
  • Directionality: 90ST X 60ST
  • Mixer: 3 channels (2 x mic/line inputs, 1x Aux)
  • DSP-Reverb processor on 2 microphone/line channels
  • Tone Optimizer; Specially designed EQ that automatically selects the appropriate correction for vocals - Voice mode and for the instrument - guitar mode or music mode
  • USB socket and MP3 player
  • Built-in BLUETOOTH module
  • MIX Output -TRS 6.35mm
  • Housing: light and durable with automatic transmission
  • Black colour
  • Dimensions: 258x342x283
  • Weight: 6.9 kg

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