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NAD, ProAc C388 + C568 + DT8 - Stereo

NAD, ProAc C388 + C568 + DT8 - Stereo

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C388 + C568 + DT8

NAD C388

The best-in-class C 388 hybrid digital DAC amplifier uses sophisticated NAD technologies such as Asymmetrical PowerDrive™ to guarantee adequate drive for even the most demanding loudspeakers. The advanced audio path of the preamplifier section guarantees the C 388 low distortion at any volume level. Thanks to the option of expansion using dedicated MDC modules, the amplifier easily adapts to the user's needs, offering, among others: a full set of functions as a high res audio streaming player and a multi-room system unit at the same time. Thanks to its wide connection options, the C 388 is an extremely versatile device that will become the high-quality center of your home audio system.

Sound. Precision. Power.

In its latest design NAD designers chose HybridDigital™ amplification. Thanks to this, instead of the low current efficient class AB output stage, the C 388 has circuits based on class D switching amplifiers. These are specially designed systems using a modified version of the proven Hypex UcD output stage. This solution allows you to obtain excellent precision of the reproduced sound and a significant, distortion-free and noise-free power of 150 W per channel, which in special cases can reach up to 240 W peak value.

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C 389

NAD C388

Possibility to add functions

Thanks to the modular MDC design concept developed by NAD, the amplifier can be easily expanded with additional functionalities, significantly expanding its capabilities. This allows the user to individually configure the set of C 388 functions, thus perfectly matching the amplifier's capabilities to the actual needs of the owner. Additionally, thanks to the possibility of using hardware extensions, the device becomes open to the future and protects the user against technological obsolescence of the amplifier.


Currently, NAD offers two expansion modules for this model. The first is the MDC BluOS 2 card that adds full functionality of the streaming player and wireless multi-room system, and the second is the MDC HDM-2 module that adds a set of HDMI connections to the amplifier, which enables high-quality sound playback from a TV, TV set-top box, game console or 4K player UHD.


NAD C568

The latest CD player in the Classic Series, the NAD C 568, takes sonic excellence to a new level, making it the perfect companion not only for the NAD C 368 integrated amplifier, but also for any audio system. Being the successor to the advanced C 565BEE player, it has been significantly improved compared to it - the designers used new components and redesigned the internal layout of the device. The result of these changes is even faster response and wider low tones, while maintaining the pace and precision for which the C 565BEE was famous. Compared to its predecessor, the new player boasts even greater depth and scale, while maintaining sound accuracy and a transparent harmonic structure.

Versatile and refined - created for many years of musical adventure

From the technical side, the C 568 player is a thoroughly modern design, perfectly prepared for many years of musical adventure. The device plays CDs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs, and thanks to the USB port it also supports external storage devices, reading MP3 and WMA files. The basis of the high-quality sound is the 24-bit Wolfson WM8741 D/A converter, which was chosen for its excellent low-level linearity and detail. In turn, the lowest possible jitter is guaranteed by an ultra-precise Crystek clock. The versatility of the model is increased by digital outputs, coaxial and optical, as well as a 12 V trigger input. The high-quality construction is confirmed by a toroidal power supply with separate power regulation for the analog and digital sections. This solution allowed the effects of interference to be reduced to a minimum. The player's operation is facilitated by a vacuum fluorescent display (VFL), which clearly presents, among others: CD text information.

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ProAc Response DT8

This two-way floorstanding loudspeaker combines the manufacturer's latest technologies. Two different 6.5" diaphragms have been optimized to reproduce different frequencies. The whole is complemented by the characteristic ProAc, off-axis tweeter.

ProAc Response DT8

ProAc Response DT8 floorstanding speakers are a two-way bass-reflex design. Its outlet is directed downwards, and a specially designed base directs the air sideways. This reduces bass boost caused by the speaker positioning.

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