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Spectrum Tec

carton 20 pcs. 300x200x190 Inpost OneBox creasing

carton 20 pcs. 300x200x190 Inpost OneBox creasing

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Pack of 20

Flap cardboard 4 dimensions in 1!

Thanks to self-cutting of the corner edges and appropriate bending, we can obtain 4 different dimensions and better match the box to the goods being shipped. The cardboard has additional creasing along which allows you to change the height.

1. 300x200x190 mm maximum size ready for packaging Dimension B

2. 300x200x150mm after fitting in advance

3. 300x200x140mm after bottom fitting

4. 300x200x90mm after fit inside

(length x width x height)

Cardboard specification:

  • wave: C
  • layers: 3
  • gray (natural)
  • grammage 450g/m2
  • feco 201
  • the box has asymmetric embossing: 4cm 9cm 6cm
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