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JBL Eon One MK2

JBL Eon One MK2

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Musicians, vocalists and professionals looking for a compact, versatile PA system will delight in the JBL EON ONE Mk2, a battery-powered PA system that delivers professional sound quality for live performances, meetings, conferences and more.

Universal, battery-powered PA column with built-in mixer and DSP

The EON ONE MK2 is a battery-powered PA that features class-leading acoustics, a 5-channel digital mixer, dbx and Lexicon DSP, Bluetooth capabilities, and a universal control app, all in a lightweight, portable chassis that can be carried in one hands.

The EON ONE MK2 delivers the audio fidelity that JBL is renowned for, combining a geometrically optimized 8-tweeter C-shaped array with a 10-inch woofer to deliver best-in-class clarity and coverage down to 37 Hz, with wide dispersion and maximum output power of 123 dB.

EON ONE MK2 is designed with versatility and ease of use in mind: Choose your signature sound in an instant with a full suite of Lexicon and dbx effects and presets, with controls geared to beginners and advanced users. Variable Power Performance technology automatically optimizes power performance for AC or battery power. Bluetooth audio streaming and six hours of battery life round out this versatile all-in-one system.

The JBL EON ONE MK2 is ideal for a wide range of users, from street performers and singers looking for professional sound without mains power, to teachers and hospitality providers who prioritize quick setup and ease of use, to houses of worship and rental companies that need portable solutions for indoor and outdoor applications. In short: it is a system that will work anytime and anywhere.


  • An array of eight 2" C-shaped tweeters provides excellent audio clarity and 140°H x 30°V dispersion for room-filling sound
  • 10" woofer in an acoustically optimized housing generates natural, smooth low tones, up to 37 Hz
  • Variable Power Performance automatically optimizes power output to deliver 4 dB higher performance when connected to an AC source: 123 dB SPL on AC power and 119 dB on battery power
  • Built-in 1500W amplifier (peak)
  • Frequency response: 37 Hz-20 kHz @ -10 dB; 45Hz-20kHz @ -3dB
  • Replaceable battery provides 6 hours of play; the battery is integrated into the spacer column to improve stability and optimize the acoustic volume of the enclosure for excellent low-frequency response
  • The built-in 5-channel digital mixer was designed by mixing engineers to optimize your workflow
  • Three fixed EQ knobs allow quick, convenient access to the built-in EQ
  • A comprehensive suite of professional Lexicon DSPs, including reverb, chorus and delay
  • dbx DriveRack Inside technology offers AFS (Automatic Feedback Suppression), 8 bands of parametric EQ and convenient presets
  • Soundcraft Easy Ducking automatically turns down the music when speech is detected
  • Triple-Tier DSP allows users to select beginner, intermediate or advanced controls
  • I/O includes 3 Neutrik XLR Combo jacks, 1 Hi-Z input and a 3.5mm/BT summed input
  • 1/4" balanced passthrough with independent volume control and speaker delay allows for expansion of your analog system
  • Two channels with 48V phantom power expand the possibilities of connecting a condenser microphone
  • Two USB ports allow you to charge devices from the built-in battery or AC adapter
  • Stream audio via Bluetooth 5.0 to one device, with the ability to control up to 10 devices
  • EasyNav's full-color LCD display provides access to all parameters
  • Simple LED meters indicate mixer functions such as mute, signal detection and trim
  • The universal JBL Pro Connect app offers control over every function of up to ten systems
  • PA components are stored in the woofer housing, making them easy to carry, even with one hand
  • Ergonomically optimized carrying handle minimizes wrist strain
  • Durable, lightweight polypropylene housing with a steel grille
  • Accessories include a dual battery charger and additional batteries
  • Weight: 19.3 kg

Unrivaled acoustic performance

The JBL EON ONE MK2 leverages the acoustic innovations of the EON Series to deliver higher power, greater transparency and deeper coverage than any other PA system in its class. A geometrically optimized array of eight 2-inch C-shaped tweeters work with a 10-inch woofer to deliver smooth, even response down to 37 Hz, with wide horizontal dispersion and deep vertical propagation that delivers incredible sound anywhere in the room. By placing the battery in the column, the woofer enclosure is acoustically optimized to deliver the deepest and most natural low tones.

Smart power

The robust EON ONE MK2 amplifier with 1500 W (peak) power delivers clear, distortion-free sound at any volume level. Variable Power Performance technology automatically optimizes performance for AC or battery power, providing 4 dB of additional gain when connected to AC power. You'll be heard loud and clear, no matter where you play.

Sounds great with professional effects

JBL EON ONE Mk2 features a full set of professional DSP processors, including Lexicon reverb, chorus and delay, and dbx DriveRack Inside technology, including AFS (automatic feedback suppression) and 8-band equalizer. Presenters, fitness instructors and DJs will appreciate the Soundcraft Easy Ducking feature, which lowers the volume of background music while you speak. DSP presets and a built-in hardware EQ with 3 fixed knobs make it even easier to refine your signature sound, quickly.

Full control, at your fingertips

EON ONE MK2 can be controlled by the universal JBL Pro Connect application, which provides remote access to every function and settings, directly from your phone or tablet; JBL's ActiveSync technology ensures that the app and LCD system are always in perfect sync. EON ONE MK2 offers Bluetooth 5.0 audio streaming to one device, with the ability to control up to 10 devices.

Portable and reliable

Weighing just 19.3 kg, the EON ONE MK2 is designed to be carried in one hand and features an ergonomic handle that has been designed for maximum comfort. The system is housed in a durable polypropylene housing that is resistant enough to handle the toughest gigs. Like every JBL speaker, the EON ONE MK2 undergoes 100 hours of durability testing to ensure it will perform flawlessly in real-world conditions.

Technical specifications of JBL EON ONE Mk2

  • System type: Active PA column with battery
  • Woofer Size: 10″
  • Tweeter Size: 2″
  • Number of tweeters: 8
  • Max. SPL: 123 dB/119 dB (AC/battery)
  • Frequency range (-10 dB): 37-20 kHz
  • Frequency range (-3 dB): 45-20 kHz
  • Horizontal dispersion: 140°
  • Vertical dispersion: 30°
  • Rated power:
    • 1500 W, peak
    • 400 W, RMS
  • AC Power Input: 300W 100-230V AC 50-60Hz
  • Input impedance:
    • 4 kΩ balanced combo
    • 2 MΩ balanced Hi-Z Jack
    • 10 kΩ 3.5 mm
  • Crossover frequency: 230 Hz
  • I/O:
    • 3 – XLR Combo
    • 1 – 1/4″ Hi-Z
    • 1 – 1/8″/BT summed
    • 1 – X1/4″ balanced
  • Housing: polypropylene
  • Weight: 19.3 kg
  • Gross weight: 22.38 kg
  • Dimensions: 452 x 627 x 730 mm (WxDxH)
  • Battery: 97.2 WH, 36V, lithium-ion

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