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Das Audio

DAS Audio Altea-712A

DAS Audio Altea-712A

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The Spanish company Das Audio has been producing sound systems and components since the 1960s. Engineers creating loudspeakers make every effort and introduce many innovations so that the offered product meets the expectations of the most demanding customer. The offer proposed by Das Audio includes both large concert systems, installation sound systems, and sound systems for smaller event companies, music bands, DJs.

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The Altea series is the most popular and useful series, which includes both active loudspeakers: Altea 408a/412a/415/712a/715a and two basses: Altea 718a and the new Altea S15a as well as two new columns Altea Duo10a and Altea Duo20a and a passive series with the same name without the letter "A". Altea series products are assembled in China with comprehensive technical supervision by DAS. The Altea 700 series is equipped with bluetooth and thanks to the application, you can modify all DSP parameters using the application in an easy and pleasant way.

DAS Altea 400/700 Series

Technical data:
  • Active two-way column
  • Made of lightweight, durable polypropylene housing.
  • Power:750W/rms/1500W-peak
  • Class D amplifier
  • Frequency response:60Hz-20kHz(-10dB)
  • Speaker size : LF: 15''(15FV/GM15FV and HF:1''driver (M-28)
  • Max Efficiency: 130dB
  • Sound dispersion: 90º x 60º
  • Built-in bluetooth which allows you to easily control all parameters of the column using the application.
  • Built-in: DSP (six presets: Live, Dance, Vocals, Bass Boost, Vocals & Mode.
  • Three band correction
  • Signal Sensitivity Selection:Mic/Line
  • Ability to work as a stage monitor (45º)
  • Black colour
  • Dimensions: 655x380x350mm
  • Weight: 17.5 kg
  • Warranty:36 months

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