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Behringer S32

Behringer S32

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Behringer DIGITAL SNAKE S32 - digital I/O stagebox with 32 remote controlled Midas preamps, 16 outputs and AES50 protocol powered by SuperMac Klark Teknik technology.


Digital mixing has revolutionized virtually everything that goes into the live entertainment production process. Now we've come up with the perfect solution to bring talent on stage to the Front of House (FOH) console and the rest of the world - the amazing and affordable S32 Digital Snake! The S32 provides 32 MIDAS designed remote mic preamps and 8 balanced XLR analog returns - all you need is a single Cat5e cable. While KLARK TEKNIK, the industry leader in high-end digital audio processing, invented the SuperMAC technology that made it all possible - our superior production scale is what makes the S32 so affordable and reliable.

MIDAS - Legend of sound quality

Since its inception in the 1970s, Midas has a long history of innovation and leadership in the console world. Hired for the world's most famous concerts and installations, legendary Midas consoles such as the XL4 and Heritage H3000 quickly became the standard in the industry. Midas has earned an impeccable reputation for its no-compromise approach to sound and build quality, and in particular for its award-winning mic preamps that are considered by experts to be the best sound designs in the industry. Building on this legacy, the XL8 and PRO Series Live Mixing Systems continue that great legacy of award-winning sound quality. Behringer is proud to feature a Midas-designed mic preamp for the ultimate in audio reproduction both live and on stage. studio

Seamless integration with the P-16 personal monitoring system.

The ULTRANET port on the S16 connects directly to our POWERPLAY P-16 system, providing an easy and affordable way to give musicians and singers what they really want - "more of me"! P16-M personal mixers allow each performer to take control of what they hear, allowing you to focus on giving your audience the best possible listening experience. Quick and easy setup – the base system can be installed and configured in minutes and can be expanded to meet changing needs

Behringer S32 – Digital I/O stagebox with 32 remote controlled MIDAS preamps, 16 outputs and AES50 protocol powered by SuperMac KLARK TEKNIK technology.

  • 32 award-winning, fully programmable, MIDAS-designed mic preamps
  • 16 analog, balanced outputs with XLR connectors.
  • 2 AES-3 (AES/EBU) ports for direct connection to a digital PA system.
  • Ability to work using a CAT-5e cable with a maximum length of 100 m (cable not included)
  • Dual AES50 port for cascade connection of a second S32 device without the need for a router.
  • Possibility of cooperation with the P-16 personal monitor system enabling the creation of personal monitoring (not included in the P-16 set).
  • Two ADAT outputs allow you to create a splitter and standalone digital multicore with the S32.
  • MIDI In and Out for bi-directional communication between the FOH and on-stage MIDI devices.
  • USB connector for easy system updates.
  • For maximum flexibility of use, the "Planet Earth" switched-mode power supply (100-240 VAC) delivers: noise-free audio with better transient handling and lowest possible power consumption.
  • Robust, compact, 19” rack-mount steel chassis. 3U height.
  • Mute-All function - mutes the input signal when connecting devices
  • The Behringer S32's high-quality components and extremely rugged construction ensure a long lifespan.
  • Developed and designed by BEHRINGER Germany

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